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  • Examine property for broken windows, forced entry, or vandalism

  • Remove junk mail/flyers from mailbox and front door

  • Confirm yard maintenance is being performed properly

  • Examine siding, roof, and gutters for obvious issues

  • Visual inspection of A/C equipment

  • Examine yard and planting beds for trash and weeds

  • Monitor landscaping

  • Check for drainage issues

  • Inspect for fallen trees or limbs

  • Look for signs of obvious insect infestation or pest presence

  • Check exterior lighting

  • Check pool/spa for obvious issues

  • And more!

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  • Ensure security system is functioning

  • Check fire/smoke/CO2 alarms

  • Check temperature/humidity settings on thermostats

  • Check for vandalism

  • Look for signs of obvious pest presence or insect infestation

  • Check ceilings for visible signs of roof leaks or plumbing issues

  • Run water in sinks and baths – check under sinks

  • Flush stagnant water in toilets

  • Run garbage disposal

  • Check appliances 

  • Check windows and doors

  • Check lights and fans

  • Check circuit box for tripped breakers

  • Check water heater/water system

  • Check air filter(s)

  • Change timers on lights

  • And more!

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior


  • 24-hour home alarm response

  • Key holder services

  • Indoor plant care

  • Confirmation that contracted work (lawn care, pool maintenance, etc.) is being completed at a satisfactory level in homeowners absence

  • Liaison services can be provided to homeowner in the event that necessary work is to be done on home. JCHW will make arrangements for reputable contractors to perform a wide variety of services (HVAC, window repair, general contracting, etc.) at clients approval

  • Reasonable accommodations at request of homeowner are always welcome for review and implementation upon agreement to service & terms