Our Story


Founder & President, Brandon Goss, was born and raised in Monmouth County, NJ. Growing up he spent his free time working construction with his father, tutoring math students, and lifeguarding for Spring Lake. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State University. After settling into his career, Brandon found himself motivated to get involved in the community he knows and loves. So much so that he has partnered with the National Home Watch Association to bring legitimacy and professionalism to a much needed service here at the Jersey Shore. Brandon has been designated as a Certified Home Watch Professional through the National Home Watch Association, putting JCHW in the top tier of Home Watch Businesses in the United States and Canada



Our Affiliation


Our relationship with NWHA means so much to our company and should mean even more to you as a potential customer. The NWHA was formed due to the incredible growth this industry has seen, with thousands of companies springing up over the past decade. Since the Home Watch profession is an unclassified and unregulated industry, recognized by no local, state, or federal government entity, serious issues can arise. The association has set standards, best practices, procedures and ethics so those providing this service protect their clients while they are in their homes. Without these things, especially correct insurance and bonding, the homeowner is completely exposed to damage to their property, injuries to people on their property, and any lawsuits that arise from them. 

As an accredited member, JCHW has passed a strict vetting process that includes:

  • Criminal background checks on all company principals

  • Proper insurance coverage—both general and professional liability

  • Proper bonding

  • Consumer complaint checks

  • Truthful website and advertising content

  • Adherence to the NHWA’s Code of Ethics

  • Commitment to the NHWA’s Mission Statement

As a Certified Home Watch Professional, Brandon Goss has passed a rigorous training curriculum and evaluation about conducting professional home watch inspections.

Please follow this link if you wish to learn more about the National Home Watch Association